Valentine's Day do's and don'ts

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It doesn't matter if you're married or happily spending the holiday single in the city, you may need a little help ensuring your Valentine's Day goes according to plan. Thankfully, the Digital Life love doctors are on the case.

DO...Plan ahead 

You only get one shot at making Valentine's Day perfect, so it's important to put the wheels of your plan in motion as soon as possible.

Give the Digital Life "Date Night" program a try. You can have the lights turned down low, the music turned up and the doors locked with just one touch so you won't be disturbed.

Required: Door Package, Energy Package and light dimmer (additional purchase)

DO NOT...Forget the gift

If you're ordering your gift online, you could use your Digital Life cameras to see when your special package is delivered (and keep an eye out for your snooping significant other).

Package required: Camera

DO...Lock up before you leave

It takes a lot of time to make sure you look absolutely perfect for your big Valentine's Day date night. Which means you may be running a bit behind schedule. Which means you may rush out the door without remembering to make sure your doors are locked before you leave.

But if you set up the "Locked Up" program, you could set your doors to automatically lock whenever your system is armed.

Package required: Door

DO NOT...worry about what's happening at home

Whether you want to see what kind of mischief they're getting into or just want the peace of mind knowing they're okay, you can keep an eye on your little ones and pets with our "Nanny & Pet Cam" program.

Package required: Camera

DO...Have a very happy Valentine's Day!