New version of the Digital Life app!

New version of the Digital Life app! image

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You asked and we listened.  Our latest app enhancements include features and updates recommended by our customers.

Create programs from your smartphone

Now you can create and edit programs right from your smartphone.  This new feature will maximize your opportunity to manage your home from virtually anywhere. 

Device log

Now all full and custom access users have the ability to see activity within the device log.  There's nothing you have to do to set it up.  It's all there once you download the latest version of the app.

What else is new?  You can easily refresh your device activity log to see recent events.  

From your tablet or smartphone:
     1. Go to your Home Page
     2. Scroll to your Device Log
     3. Make sure the most recent date is visible
     4. Look for the Refresh Icon and click it (see below)  

Camera controls

Camera package customers:  once you are in full-screen mode, the camera control icons will disappear after 5 seconds so that you have a wider viewing area.

From your tablet or smartphone:
     1. Go to Devices
     2. Select the camera you'd like to view from the camera list on the left
     3. Select full screen mode
     4. Make adjustments with the camera control options (if applicable)
     5. After 5 seconds of inactivity the camera control icons disappear

With camera control icons displaying

Without camera control icons on display

Duress PIN

You can set up a Duress PIN to silently notify our Monitoring Center in the case of an emergency.    

From your home screen:
     1. Select System Settings
     2. Select User Profile
     3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
     4. Select Set Duress PIN
     5. Enter and re-enter your 4 digit Duress PIN
          * NOTE:  Your Duress PIN cannot be a duplicate to your keypad PIN
     6. Select Done to save your selection

The Duress PIN is a secondary PIN for emergency situations.  When used on the keypad it will alert the monitoring center to dispatch emergency services without communication to the account holder or any other contacts.

Additional security question
When you log into the app, you will be prompted to set up an additional security question within your user profile.  This will help our support representatives verify they are speaking to the correct account holder. 

Make sure to add a third security question no later than 12/31/15.  After that time our support representatives will not be able to verify your identity should you call us.

It's easy to set it up.  From the reminder pop-up prompt:
     1. Click go to user profiles
     2. Your first two security questions are displayed
     3. Under Question 3, select the question you'd like to use from the drop down menu
          and type in the answer.
     4. Select Done to save your answer.

Alarm Permits
If your jurisdiction requires you to provide an alarm permit, you no longer have to call us to report the info.  Now you can enter the information within the app.

From your tablet or smartphone:
     1. Go to My Account
     2. Select Permits
     3. Enter your information
     4. Select Save to store your information