Unlock the potential of your cameras

Unlock the potential of your cameras image

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Your cameras can do so much more than just record video or snap a pic. They can tell you who's at the door, keep an eye on your pets, or even show you exactly what triggered an alarm. All of it is possible and today, we're going to show you how. 

Who's there?

Want to know when someone comes to your door or whether a package arrived? Create a "Who's There" program so that your camera records video if motion is detected. You can even get a text or email notification. Show me how>>



What are they up to?

Whether you want to see what your kids or pets are up to or just want the peace of mind knowing they are ok, you can keep an eye on them with an easy-to-create program. Show me how>>



What happened?

If you want to know exactly what caused your alarm to go off, create a "What Happened" program so your cameras can automatically start recording when your system detects an emergency. Show me how>>




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