What type of Digital Life dad are you?

What type of Digital Life dad are you? image

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The Protector 

Keeping your brood and kingdom safe is your top priority. You sleep with your eyes open and have eyes in the back of your head. You puff your chest and assume an unmistakably assertive stance that leaves no question - YOU are standing guard.

Which is why you should try setting up your Digital Life system to capture video and photographs when motion is detected around the outside of your home. That way your system can use your cameras to help keep an eye on things, because sometimes even you need a break.  

Package required: Camera 


The Psychic

On top of the qualities of the protector, you just know things, and your kids know that all too well. But if you are curious to know how you can do even more, your Digital Life system is the answer you've been looking for.

You can set up a unique door code for your son and create a notification so that you receive a text when he lets himself in after Saturday's baseball practice. With the garage door controller, you can set up a notification that will give you a heads-up should the new driver in your house leave the garage door up when she takes the car out for a spin.

Package required: Door 


The "Awe Dad" Dad

Possessing qualities of both the protector and the psychic, you use these attributes in a different way. You always know just what to do to make everyone in your home feel a little bit better and a whole lot safer.

You can use your Digital Life system as added help by programming the lights to go on for your little one who's still a little afraid of the dark. And if the kids are feeling homesick during your family summer vacation, you can show them a live video of your family dog from your smartphone or tablet just to give them an "awe" moment.

Packages required: Energy, Camera