Want to know if you've had visitors?

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If your outdoor camera detects motion when you are away, it can take a snapshot or video clip, and your Digital Life system can send you a text or email letting you know about it.

Follow these simple steps to set up the program:

From your home screen in your Digital Life app:

1.  Select the Main Menu

2.  Select Programs  

3.  Select Create New Program

4.  Select Safety and Home Security

5.  Select Armed Away - Motion and Snapshot or Armed Away - Motion and Video

6.  Select:

a. Outdoor camera that will take the snapshot or video clip
b.  Select the same outdoor camera that will detect motion
c.  Ensure your Digital Life system is checked, then Next

7.  Select where you'd like to receive notifications (SMS or email), then Next
8.  Select the appropriate options (date/times) you'd like the program to run, then Next

NOTE:  If you'd like the program to run until you cut it off, then make no selections, then Next

9.  Name the program, review the recap of what will happen, then Save.  Make any edits on this screen, if needed.   

It's that easy!