Now you're ready for your vacation!

Now you're ready for your vacation! image

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You aren't ready to go on vacation until you do this!

Set up your vacation mode program so you can get important alerts. Just follow these steps:

From the home screen in your Digital Life app:

  1. Select the Main Menu
  2. Select Programs  
  3. Select Create New Program
  4. Select Vacation Mode
  5. Select Alarm Notifications
  6. Ensure your Digital Life System is selected, then Next
  7. Select the appropriate options (date/times) you'd like the program to run, then Next
    1. NOTE:  If you'd like the program to just run until you cut it off, then make no selections, then select Next
  8. Name the program, review the recap of what will happen, then Save.  Make any edits on this screen, if needed.    

That's all there is to it. So, set it when you go out of town so you can stay in the know!