How Digital Life can make mom’s life easier

How Digital Life can make mom’s life easier image

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A mother’s job is never truly done, but it certainly could be a little bit easier. So to celebrate Mother’s Day, here are some ways mom can use Digital Life to keep her life running smoothly. 

Tip 1
Part of being a mom is always worrying about everyone else. But with the “Someone is Home” program, you don’t have to text the kids to check up on them. Your Digital Life system can send you a text when the front door is unlocked after school. You can even have the system automatically disarm, if desired. 

Package required:  Door

Tip 2

Trying to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door on time in the morning is hard enough. So it’s no surprise you spend some mornings driving around the block wondering if you closed the garage door before you left. But with the Garage Door Controller, you can use your smartphone to verify the garage door is closed, close it and automatically lock your doors and arm your system.

Package required:  Garage door

Tip 3

As a mom, it’s natural to be concerned about how much time your kids are spending online gaming or binge watching their new favorite show instead of doing their homework. So if you want to keep a closer eye on things, we can help you create the “Stop the Electronic Argument” program and afterwards, your TV will automatically shut off at the same time every night. 

Package required:  Energy (Smart Plug)


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