Cameras too sensitive?

Cameras too sensitive? image

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Sick of getting notifications when a bird fly's by your outdoor camera or a reflection triggers a notification? Not getting a notification when you should be? Your settings could be off, but you can get them just how you want them with these simple steps.

1.  Log in to your account from your computer 

NOTE:  camera sensitivity adjustments can only be made from your desktop computer or laptop

2.  Click the arrow in the bottom right corner of the camera tile

3.  Click Setting

4.  Click Motion Areas

5.  Notice the rectangle box on top of your camera image - that's your motion box.  Your camera detects motion within this box.

6.  Adjust the size and position of the motion box to the area you would like to have your camera detecting motion

7.  Adjust the sensitivity bar to your liking (left for less sensitive, generating fewer clips taken and notifications sent; right for more)

8.  Click Save to keep your new settings, then click X to close Motion Areas