Stop the electronic argument!

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My kids love their video games, cartoons, and movies.  It’s their weakness.  Luckily with Digital Life I control the power - Literally!  Our Digital Life smart plug is scheduled to only turn on during certain hours each week.  We don’t have to argue about turning off the game, or the cartoons.  They know at X:XXpm every night the TV is going to bed, just like them. 

To create this program follow these steps:

  1. In create programs select Schedule Tasks
  2. Select when the task should occur (Example At 4:00PM on Friday, Saturday, Sunday). 
  3. Click Next
  4. Select desired activity in this case you would select Indoor Smart Plug for the device *WILL*  “turn on
  5. Click Next
  6. Name your Program (Example: Video Game Timer)
  7. SAVE your program

You will need to create another program to have schedule task to turn off at you desired time using same steps but instead of choosing *WILL* “Turn on” select *WILL* “Turn off”.

This Program works for my family limiting television activities, letting children know that there’s other fun things to do with their free time other than being stuck in front of a T.V all day.
This program requires the following package: Energy Package (Indoor smart plug). 

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