How to spring clean your system

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We’ve put together a collection of some simple steps you can take that will help you make sure your Digital Life system is prepared as the seasons change. 

Tip 1
As it gets warmer outside, it’s a great time to update your Digital Life thermostat settings so your home is always at just the right temperature. 

Learn how

Tip 2
Need help getting out of the bed with the change to daylight savings time? You’re not alone! Check out the "Friendly Reminder" post in our Digital Life Community Forum. It can help keep you on schedule every day.    

Follow these steps

Tip 3
To help ensure everything is running smoothly with your Digital Life system, check your notification tray.  Once you log-in look for the orange icon in the upper left corner of your home screen for any alerts.

Check your notification tray

Tip 4
Give some of these new programs a try: Thermo-status, Curfew Monitor, Fire Exit, Home Alone

Tip 5
If you plan to complete DIY projects around the house, keep in mind you could always add a Digital Life Garage Door Controller or Indoor Smart Plug and easily install it yourself. 

Tip 6
Have you checked your batteries lately? They’re easy to replace and we’ll show you how with these quick step-by-step videos.

Tip 7
Have you updated your Digital Life app recently? We’re always adding new features, so make sure your iOS, Android, Windows or Amazon device has the latest version.