Did I close the garage?

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Trying to get everyone dressed, fed, and out the door on time in the morning is hard enough. So it’s no surprise you spend some mornings driving around the block wondering if you closed the garage door before you left. With the Garage Door Controller you can use your smartphone to verify the garage door is closed, close it, automatically lock your doors and arm your system. Here’s how to use your garage door controller to make sure your garage is closed and home is protected.

This program requires the following:

  • Garage door controller (* To purchase the Door Package click here.)
  • Pushbutton or Touchscreen door lock (* To purchase the Door Package click here.)
    • Only required if you also want to lock the doors automatically.

To create the “Did I Close The Garage“ program, follow these 4 easy steps:
Step 1: Log into your Digital Life Account from any computer or tablet.
Step 2: Select trigger

  1. Select Programs and Create a Program
  2. Under Connect Activities, click Get Started
    Select what will trigger the activity
    Example: When the [door controller name] does this [is locked]
  3. Click Next

Step 3: Select what happens next

  1. Select “+” Add another activity
    The [door lock name] will [lock]
  2. Select “+” Add another activity
    The [Digital Life System] will [set to Armed-Away]
  3. Click Next

Step 4: Name and Save your program

  1. Name your program
  2. Click Save

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